Creative State Gulliver

Turnkey office space on the high floor of Kiev skyscaper, surrounded by cafes, restaurants, stores and activity hubs, near the metro stations.
The style of the legendary rock clubs of Los Angeles in the 80s.
Packages offers start from $350 per month for 1 workplace.
  • Hot Desk - $270/ month/ 1 workplace
  • Private Office - $500/ month/ 1 workplace
  • Office Suite - $520/ month/ 1 workplace
High-class personal office suites of your own that can accommodate teams of 30 in size, your custom design and everything you need for efficient work.
Business & lifestyle services:
  • HR & Recruiting
  • Procurement
  • Travel Concierge
  • Accounting & Legal support
  • Care of your day-to-day needs offering special deals with: sport clubs, insurance companies, educational services.
  • Real Estate & Cars
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