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General information
  • District - Golosiivskyi
  • Transport - Vystavkovyi Tsentr Metro Station, 0.6 km, 8 minutes walking distance
  • Conference/Meeting room - for 6/ 8/ 14 people
  • Infrastructure - exhibition center with attractions, restaurants, cafes, shops, pharmacies, banks, large beautiful Goloseevsky park.
    Opening hours
    • Monday - Friday
    • Saturday
    • Sunday
    Prices from
    • Office space - from $280 per person per month
    • Coworking - from $190 per person per month
    • Meeting rooms - from $10/ $16/ $25 per hour
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      What does coworking BeWorking offer?
      BeWorking is creating a network of coworking spaces that will change the attitude to office work. They offer their coworkers a busy day, which will be a place of work, leisure, sports, education and entertainment. They do this so that at the end of the day, each of their residents feels that the day was not in vain, because he managed to do so much. Because they believe that happy and successful people are those who have time to work and devote time to their personal interests. That's why they build spaces where it can be comfortably combined.
      There is a Gym, Individual air conditioning and ventilation system and Children's rooms.
      BeWorking residents spend as much time in the office as it takes to complete their tasks. But they do not sacrifice themselves: they eat eat normally, they are in shape, do self-education.
      BeWorking main function is to create conditions for teams and freelancers in which they will have time and not "burn out".


      • High-speed Wi-Fi
      • Heating
      • Air-conditioning
      • Chill-out Zone
      • Outdoor terrace
      • Kitchen
      • Skype rooms
      • Personal lockers
      • Showers
      • Phone booth
      • Event space for rent
      • Free drinking water
      • Free coffee
      • Free tea
      • Coffee to buy


      • Bean bags
      • Ergonomic chairs
      • Hammocks
      • Dual/ Single Monitors
      • Printing paper
      • Scanner
      • Photocopier
      • Projector


      • Events
      • Workshops
      • Community Lunches
      • Community drinks
      • Slack channel for members
      • Community app
      • Launch events
      • Organized Sports Team
      • Dog friendly
      • Cat friendly
      • Wheelchair accessibility
      • 24hr member access

      BeWorking Golosiiv

      Mykhailo Lomonosov Street, 73h, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03189

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