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Eurasia BC, class A. Newly renovated office 406 m2, terrace.

Business Center, address - Eurasia BC, 75, Zhylyanska street
Object of lease - 11 floor
Office usable area - 338 sqm
Office leasable area - 392.86 sqm
Coefficient of common areas - 1.1623
Terrace usable area - 44 sqm
Terrace leasable area - 13.2 sqm
Terrace coefficient - 0.3
Lease term 35 months
Base rent $22 for sqm per month + VAT Negotiable
Operational expenses - $6 for sqm per month + VAT ОРЕХ does not include maintenance of engineering systems installed in the tenant's premises. Everything that is on the territory of the tenant is maintenanced by the tenant at his own resources and expense. The agreement will indicate the demarcation of the responsibility area of the tenant and the lessor
Outdoor: $150 for space per month + VAT
Underground: $250 for space per month + VAT
Indexation Yearly increase of payments for 5% starting from the second year of rent, applicable to base rate, ОРЕХ and parking
Condition of the premises leased
The premises are transferred to the tenant with the new basic fit-out. The tenant performs redevelopment works at his own cost, if necessary.
Utility payments
Paid by the tenant separately (electricity, gas supply, water supply and drainage, snow removal, garbage removal): - costs of the tenant according to the meters or in proportion to the area of the office (heating, gas, water). - reimbursement of utility costs for common areas in proportion to the area occupied
Security deposit - 2 months of lease fee (base rent, OPEX, parking) counted for the last year of lease with indexation. Returns after the end of the agreement.
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