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Illinskyi BC

Address - Kiev, 8, Illinska Street
District - Podolsky
Class - B
Metro station - Kontraktova Ploscha (500 m)
The total area of the building - 43,000 m2
6 floors
Typical floor area - 1,000 m2
Vacant usable area - see below
Common Areas Coefficient - 15% - 17.8%
Rent rate (m2 / month, excluding VAT) - $ 25
Operational Expenses (m2 / month, excluding VAT) - $ 8
Parking (1 parking lot/ month, excluding VAT) - from $ 250
Layout - open space
Condition of premises - after the tenant
Ventilation, air conditioning - central systems
Additional regularpayments - electricity, water, heating.

Developed infrastructure on the territory of the business center and in the immediate vicinity.
Near Sagaidachnogo street with many cafes, shops, Pochtovaya square, funicular and a beautiful walking area overlooking the Dnipro river. One of the best options of office rent in Kiev.
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