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Lagoda BC

Address - Kiev, 21, Polova Street
District - Solomenskyi
Class - B
Metro station - Politekhnichnyi Institute (1.5 km), Shuliavska - (1.8 km)
The total area of the building - 23,000 m2
5 buildings 2 - 3 floors
Typical floor area - 2,500 m2
Vacant usable area - see below
Common Areas Coefficient - not applicable
Rent rate (m2 / month, excluding VAT) - $ 13
Operational Expenses (m2 / month, excluding VAT) - $ 5
Parking (1 parking lot/ month, excluding VAT) - from $ 90
Layout - open space
Condition of premises - after the tenant
Additional regular payments - electricity.

"Open space", panoramic windows. Ready bathrooms, a kitchenette room with a "wet spot" and a server room. High ceilings. Interior in LOFT style. Modern engineering systems. Autonomous heating / air conditioning (chiller-fan coil), supply and exhaust system, "bulk" floor - linoleum.
Ventilation, air conditioning - central systems
Additional regular payments - electricity.
Developed infrastructure on the territory and in the immediate vicinity. Large ground parking. Conference service, lobby bar, cafe, barbecue area. Premises in the industrial LOFT style - open-space format. Interior decoration: exterior walls - brick; floor - commercial linoleum covering; ceiling - the height of the premises is 5 m.