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Leonardo 2 BC

Address - Kiev, 19-21,B. Khmelnitskyi Street
District - Shevchenkivskyi
Class - A
Metro station - Teatralna (400 m), Zoloti vorota (650 m), Universytet (800 m)
The total area of the building - 38,300 m2
17 floors
Typical floor area - 1 900 m2
Vacant usable area - see below
Common Areas Coefficient - 19%
Rent rate (m2 / month, excluding VAT) - $ 30
Operational Expenses (m2 / month, excluding VAT) - $ 6.5
Parking (1 parking lot/ month, excluding VAT) - $ 250 - $ 400
Layout - open space
Condition of premises - after the tenant
Ventilation, air conditioning - central systems
Additional regular payments - electricity, water, heating.

BC "Leonardo" is a modern class A business center located in the very center of business life in Kiev. Contemporary architectural concept. The main part of the facade is almost completely glazed in the spirit of the latest trends in office construction. The latest engineering technology, automatic building management system.
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