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Silver Breeze BC

Address - Kiev, 1-v, Pavla Tychiny Avenue
District - Dneprovskyi
Class - A
Metro station - Levoberezhna (1 km)
The total area of the building - 75,700 m2
5-7 floors
Typical floor area - typical (A) 1,650 m2 and (B) 2,700 m2
Vacant usable area - see below
Operational Expenses - 15%
Rent rate (m2 / month, excluding VAT) - $ 20
Service payments (m2 / month, excluding VAT) - $ 6
Parking (1 parking lot/ month, excluding VAT) - from $ 200
Layout - open space
Condition of premises - after the tenant
Ventilation, air conditioning - central systems
Additional regular payments - electricity, water, heating.

The class A business center is located at the intersection of the city's main highways, numerous public transport routes, a five-minute proximity to the center and traffic against the main stream of cars during rush hour.
A full-fledged shopping center is located on the first two floors.
Advanced engineering systems, high-speed elevators, the first fully automated parking in Kiev. Facade glazing using heat-saving technologies, which ensures comfortable working conditions at any time of the year.