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Summit BC

Address - Kiev, 9-B, Grushevskogo Street, (2, Parkova doroga)
District - Pecherskyi
Class - A
Metro station - Arsenalna (250 m)
The total area of the building - 36,000 m2
12 floors
Typical floor area - 2,500 m2
Vacant useful area - see below
Common Areas Coefficient - 15%
Rent rate (m2 / month, excluding VAT) - $ 30 - $ 40
Operational Expenses (m2 / month, excluding VAT) - $ 5
Parking (1 parking lot/ month, excluding VAT) - from $ 250
Layout - open space, combined
Condition of premises - unfinished / after the tenant
Ventilation, air conditioning - central systems
Additional regular payments - electricity, water, heating.

Business center, unique in its location. Most of the office premises have panoramic windows overlooking the Dnipro river. All the necessary infrastructure in the business center itself and in the immediate vicinity. The center of business activity of the capital. The business center has a cafe for employees and a premium restaurant, conference rooms for a different number of people. Near the magnificent Mariinsky Park, supermarkets, cafes, banks. The business center has a convenient surface parking for guests and an underground parking for tenants.